Alliance Staff Attend National Conferences

15th Bi-Annual ABA National Conference on Children and the Law

Raising the Bar: Lawyers as Partners for Family Well-Being
July 12-13, 2013, Washington, DC

Alliance Staff Attorney Taylor Dudley will present “Medical Legal Partnerships:  A Prescription for Improving Child and Family Well-Being” with two other MLP organizers from across the country. Taylor will share her experience running the Alliance’s Children’s Health and Advocacy Clinic at the LA County + USC Medical Center and will (1) explain how successful partnerships are established; (2) demonstrate how MLPs can address the legal and medical injustices facing children affected by abuse, neglect and poverty; and (3) help participants identify issues that can be addressed through direct services and policy initiatives.

The Alliance has been at the forefront of AB 12 implementation, and to share our experiences on a national stage, Alliance Policy Director Angie Schwartz will participate in a panel titled “Extended Foster Care to Age 21: Using California’s Innovative Approach as a Model for Implementing the Federal Fostering Connections to Success Act.” California has been a leader in the extension of foster care to age 21, creating innovative new policies and practices tailored to the needs of young adults transitioning to independence.

Angie will also present “The SSI Safety Net: Advocacy for Children and Youth Exiting Care” exploring the ways in which child welfare attorneys can assist children and families in making successful applications for benefits, as well as the ways that these benefits assist in building a successful transition out of care.

36th National Child Welfare, Juvenile and Family Law Conference

August 26- 28, 2013, Atlanta, GA

Alliance Staff Attorney Taylor Dudley will also present “Medical Legal Partnerships:  A Prescription for Improving Child and Family Well-Being” at the NACC conference to further raise awareness about the MLP model and the benefits of medical-legal collaborations to improve children’s lives.

ClassCrits VI–Stuck in Forward? Debt, Austerity and the Possibilities of the Political

November 15-16, 2013, Southwestern Law School, Los Angeles

Alliance Legal Director Laura Streimer will participate in a round table discussion titled “Let’s Talk—A Conversation with Advocates”–an open-ended dialogue by and between advocates and academics.  Each advocate will, if possible, also identify three areas, issues, etc. with which they could benefit from assistance such as factual, legal, or empirical research, or development of legal arguments or strategies. The goal is to connect advocates with academics either already doing the kind of work needed and/or to inspire collaborations between some of the advocates and academics in the room.