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Know Before You Go Extended Foster Care Toolkit

Why is this information important?

As you transition to being an adult, it is important that you know your legal rights and what tools and resources are available to you. This toolkit is a place to keep your important documents organized and secure. Learn about AB 12, also known as Extended Foster Care, the new law that allows you to stay in foster care after you turn 18. If your case is closed, learn about services available to you after foster care and how you may be able to re-enter if you need help.

Who should I review these documents with?

It is a good idea for you to talk about these resources with anyone helping you in your transition out of foster care, including your lawyer, social worker, probation officer, transition coordinator or an adult you confide in and trust.
In this toolkit, you will find:

Extended Foster Care to Age 21

Extended Foster Care Brochure
Re-entry: Coming Back into Extended Foster Care
Housing Options
Apartment Leasing
Transitional Independent Living Plan

Education and Employment

High School Graduation Alternatives
College Options
Getting Through High School
Applying and Paying for College
California Chafee Grant
Get That Job

Mind, Body and Health

Pregnant and Parenting Youth
Reproductive Health
Medi-Cal Coverage Until 26
Therapeutic Support
Avoiding “The Life”
Supplemental Security Income
CalFresh Flyer

Support Services

NextStep Program Flyer
Free Know Before You Go Smart Phone App, Download the app here.
Metro Tap Pass
Free Phones Discount Laptops

Money Smarts

Building Good Credit
Avoiding Consumer Scams/False Ads
Identity Theft