Healthy Teen Families

If you are pregnant or are parenting young children, there may be special services available to your family whether you are currently in foster care or have aged out. These services include housing, medical care for you and your child, education advocacy, childcare, and more. More importantly, we can help you identify community resources that are crucial to your parenting and completing your education or getting a job.

Visit for information about everything from pregnancy to your rights as a parent. includes information designed for you about transitioning to independence and your rights in foster care and beyond.


If you are pregnant or parenting, you are entitled to have a PPT Conference to identify your needs and help you find appropriate resources and services. In addition to your social worker, a facilitator from DCFS, and an advocate knowledgeable about resources, you can also invite people who are part of your support system, including the baby’s other parent, family members and friends. Talk to your social worker or attorney about scheduling a PPT Conference.

A newly lauched “Doula Program” provides a pregnant teen in foster care with individualized support to help her understand and make good decisions about her pregnancy and birth, as well as offering support after the baby is born. Learn More
The Alliance and Public Counsel developed a successful intervention to give parenting foster youth access to the resources and services needed to parent successfully and stay on track for healthy independence. Learn More

You may be eligible for free and/or subsidized childcare to allow you to continue your education or to work. Waitlists can cause delays in securing employment and/or continuing with your educational goals after pregnancy. Be sure to call and register for child care funding as soon as possible after you deliver.

*If you are still in care you may be eligible for one year of child care funding through DCFS, speak with your social worker for details about how to enroll.

Case managers from AFLP provide services to help ensure the birth of a healthy baby, assist you in completing your education and have a successful entry into the job market. They also provide information on preventing additional unintended pregnancies and promoting a healthy family life. IAFLP programs may offer education on AIDS prevention, dropout prevention, violence prevention, special programs for teen fathers, and family life education. Case managers from AFLP strive to help you understand the responsibilities of parenthood. They also provide guidance and support as you learn how to utilize available resources and advocates for your rights as a parent.

Nurse-Family Partnership is a free, voluntary program that partners first-time moms with nurse home visitors. When you enroll in the program, a specially trained nurse will visit you throughout your pregnancy and until your baby turns two years old. Nurse home visitors address your questions and concerns, prepare you for childbirth, and help ensure that you deliver a healthy baby. Your nurse home visitor will always be there for you, from helping you have a healthy pregnancy, to coaching you on child development, to empowering you to pursue your heart’s desire.