System-Wide Reform

The Alliance Policy Division is charged to systemically address the varied needs of the Alliance’s client population. Based in Sacramento, the unit works with Alliance program staff to identify and track child welfare practices that adversely impact our clients, and helps to establish and implement responses to those practices which include legislative advocacy, impact litigation and other reform efforts.

What do we do?

The Policy Division works alongside other Alliance programs to identify repeat trends and practices in our caseloads that deprive our clients of the services and stability that they need and are entitled to receive. When we repeatedly encounter the same issue in multiple cases and after many attempts to resolve these injustices on an individual case basis, we turn to the courts, to local agencies and to the legislature for systemic solutions. By working toward results that assist entire segments of our client base, we more efficiently and effectively achieve our mission of a safe, stable California for all of its children and youth.

How do we do it?

Our policy work is guided by the following principles:

  • The issues we take on always arise from our direct services work in California.
  • The policies we advocate for must be responsive to repeated barriers our clients encounter as they strive to obtain the basic necessities they need to thrive.
  • Before we embark on legislative or litigation efforts, we commit to doing whatever follow-up or implementation work is necessary to ensure that the children we seek to protect actually receive the benefit of any new laws or practices that result from our advocacy.

Legislative Priorities

  • Step Up – Equity for our Relative Caregivers
  • Continuum of Care Reform
  • Child Welfare Realignment
  • Child Care Bridge Program for Foster Youth
  • California Fostering Connections to Success Act (AB 12 Primer)
  • Social Security Income for Disabled Foster Youth
  • Protecting Foster Youth’s Education Rights