Resources & Training Materials

Alliance Programs and Trainings Brochure

Alliance Programs and Trainings Brochure (Spanish)
{accordion=Foster Care Adoption}
Adoptive Parent Rights

Derechos de Padres Adoptivos

Adoption Tax Credit 2015

Birth Certificate Information Flyer (English and Spanish)

FAQ for Adoptive Parents

Foster Care Adoption One Sheet

Interested in Foster Care Adoption

List of Foster Family Agencies

{accordion=Legal Guardianship}
Guardianship Brochure

Folleto de Tutela Legal

Guardianship Handbook

Guía de Tutela Legal

Caregivers Affidavit English

Declaración del Guardián

Guardianship FAQ

Education Manual

Manual de Educación

Special Education FAQs

Early Intervention FAQs

Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline FAQs

Special Education Case Summaries

Partial Credit Manual

IEP Request Letter

Records Request – School District

Special Education Assessment Request Letter

Special Education Eligibility Checklist

Early Start Referral Letter

Preschool Assessment Request Letter

Records Request – Regional Center

Affordable Care Act Coverage for Former Foster Youth

Dental Care for Children in Foster Care

Minor Consent Medi-Cal Flyer

Medical Care and Consent Training (Powerpoint)

Healthcare FAQ

Caregivers’ Guide To Mental Health Services For Foster and Adopted Children

Benefits Overview

Benefit Amounts at a Glance

Foster Children Raised by Relatives

Relative Caregivers’ Guide – Benefits for Foster Children

Relative Caregivers’ Guide – Benefits for Children Not in Foster Care

Guía de Beneficios Relativa Sin-Cuidado de Crianza

Self Advocacy State Foster Care for Probate Legal Guardians

{accordion=NextStep for Transition-Age Youth}

NextStep Brochure

NextStep FAQ

Know Before You Go: Extended Foster Care Toolkit

AB 12 Primer (Jan. 2014)

Sealing Juvenile Records Manual

Identity Theft Manual

Talk to Your Baby Flyer

Know Before You Go Smart Phone App

24-hour California Youth Crisis Line: 800.843.5200 or visit

{accordion=Supplemental Security Income (SSI)}
Welfare and Institutions Code Section 1357 FAQS

SSI and WIC Info Sheet for Dependency Court Attorneys

Code of Law WIC 13757

Disability Screening Guide

SSI Trainings Flyer

For more detailed information and materials (forms, samples, primers etc.), please visit

{accordion=Mobile Tools}
Know Before You Go Smart Phone App (for 16 – 24 year old foster youth)

Focus on Foster Families Smart Phone App  (for foster youth and their caregivers)
The Focus on Foster Family app created by Nathanson Family Resilience Center features Alliance staff providing advice for foster caregivers on many topics such as adoption, education, health and mental health, benefits and much more.