How can I learn more about the new interim funding available to caregivers who took placement of a child prior to being approved as a resource family?

The California Department of Social Services released an All County Letter on March 30, 2018, advising counties on implementation of the funding enacted by AB 110.

AB 110 provides short-term funding for the period of March 30, 2018 through June 30, 2018, for families who accept placement of a child prior to approval as a resource family, if the family has completed and submitted a Resource Family Approval (RFA) application. AB 110 funding is not available prior to March 30, 2018, even if the placement occurred before that date. Families that accept emergency placements from March 30 on, and who are not yet approved, will receive funding beginning on the day they sign and submit the RFA application.

All County Letter 18-33Welfare and Institutions Code Section 11461.35

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