I had a child placed with me on an emergency basis. My RFA application is pending, and I am receiving non-needy CalWORKS. Am I eligible for the interim funding for emergency caregivers enacted in March under AB 110?

Background: California families who accepted placement of a child in foster care prior to being approved and have submitted the resource family approval (RFA) application will receive temporary funding at the basic level rate of $923 per month for the period of March 30, 2018 – June 30, 2018. This funding is available in response to the plight of thousands of caregivers who have struggled over the last year to complete RFA while simultaneously caring for a child placed with them on an emergency basis without the support of foster care funds. Legislators and advocates continue to work to implement continued funding for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

A: Yes, a caregiver can receive CalWORKs on behalf of the child in their care during the first month the caregiver is eligible for AB 110 funding, which is equal to the basic level foster care rate of $923. During that first month, the family will receive AB 110 funding without any offset due to the receipt of CalWORKs benefits. In other words, if the caregiver is currently receiving a CalWORKs payment, the caregiver will receive AB 110 interim funding without any reduction due to the receipt of CalWORKs and they will not be required to pay back any of the CalWORKs received in that first month. After the first month, the caregiver will receive only the AB 110 funding.

NOTE: Passage of AB 1811 extends the funding initiated under AB 110, so families benefitting from AB 110 will continue to receive funding prior to RFA approval. AB 1811 also provides funding for families who accept placement after July 1, 2018 and are not yet approved as resource families. You can find more information on both types of funding here.

Welfare & Institutions Code § 11461.35All County Letter (ACL) NO. 18-33; CDSS Short-Term Interim Funding Pursuant to AB 110 FAQ

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