My nephew was placed with me on an emergency basis and I am receiving an emergency stipend from my county while I complete Resource Family Approval (RFA). Is there other funding available?

Yes. In addition to the emergency stipend some counties are providing caregivers while they complete RFA, relative caregivers can also receive funding through CalWORKs until they are approved for full foster care funding.

Relative caregivers are eligible to receive both the emergency stipend and CalWORKs at the same time because the emergency stipend is not counted as income. This means that receipt of the emergency stipend is not a reason to deny CalWORKs.

Counties are required to provide relative caregivers with an expedited CalWORKs application. As a matter of best practice, it is recommended that counties designate a worker within the CalWORKs office trained on processing the expedited application so that caregivers do not go without funding.

The expedited CalWORKs application can be downloaded here and the instructions may be found here.

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