Monthly Policy Webinars

March 2017
Educational Needs of Foster Youth and Youth Experiencing Homelessness – McKinney-Vento, ESSA, and Beyond

The Alliance for Children’s Rights, the National Center on Homelessness and Poverty, Tipping Point Community, and Larkin Street Youth Services hosted a webinar highlighting the voices and experiences of advocates and providers about the educational needs, legal rights, and best practices of working with young people experiencing foster care and homelessness.
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February 2017
Confidentiality & Foster Care: Policy and practice regarding foster care records

Confidentiality of foster care records can be a very confusing topic. We discussed the confidentiality of health, education, and mental health records. Attendees learned how records are protected and who can access protected records. Attendees also learns about what records you can share and what information you have to keep confidential. Confidentiality as it relates to the new Resource Family Approval Process was discussed, including Child and Family Team Meetings and Adoption.
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January 2017
Implementation of Resource Family Approval

On January 1st, 2017 California began implementation of it’s Conntiuum of Care Reform (CCR). Under CCR, relatives and non-relatives alike will have to go through a new process to be approved as a caregiver for a child in foster care. The new system, known as Resource Family Approval, ensures that all caregivers are held to the same standards and receive the same training, supports, services and funding. Relatives, who are critical to the success of CCR, also may encounter the greatest barriers in navigating the RFA process because most relatives begin caring for children in a moment of crisis and prior to being approved. These individuals and families are navigating the new rules and requirements while simultaneously caring for traumatized children.
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October 2016
Informing the National Debate on Child Welfare Reforms

When policymakers and advocates envision reform to federal child welfare policy, they are often motivated by the common misperception that there is an overreliance on foster care as an intervention. Further, current federal proposals to reduce reliance on congregate care and ensure every child should be raised in a family should be grounded in the experiences of states, like California, that are already engaged in those efforts. The California Child Advocates for Change debunked the myths that underlie many of our federal foster care reform efforts and highlighted the key areas of reform needed at the federal level.
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| Developing a Robust Continuum of Care to Support Foster Youth in Family-Based Settings

September 2016
Youth Homelessness in the Era of Extended Foster Care

Our September 21st policy webinar featured experts who are working across California to address and prevent youth homelessness. Panelists discussed how the extension of foster care to age 21 provides new opportunities to assist youth, and talked about current barriers within the extended foster care system itself. Panelists also discussed reform efforts geared toward preventing youth homelessness.
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August 2016
Understanding Family Finding, Relative Assessment and Approval

On August 17th we were joined by experts to discuss current and model laws and policies for family finding, relative assessment and approval. We provided an overview of current law and practice around family finding and engagement. We also discussed model laws and best practices to improve family finding, relative engagement and approval of kinship families.

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July 2016
Continuum of Care Reform and Improving Education Outcomes For Foster Youth in Residential Programs

We heard from individuals who implemented the pilot Residential Based Services Project in Los Angeles as well as a working group formed in Los Angeles County to improve educational outcomes for youth who need short-term residential treatment. State policy advocates discussed how the educational needs of these youth are being accounted for in the Continuum of Care Reform work that is underway.
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June 2016
From Research to Practice

This webinar provided an overview of a new study, The Economic Well-Being of Kin and Non-Kin Caregivers by Jill Duerr Berrick. We will also hear from providers and advocates on model programs and practices, as well as new state policies, that are responsive to these findings and will ultimately help us better support and engage kinship families.
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May 2016
Voices of Kinship Caregivers

Despite being the backbone our foster care system, the unique circumstances and needs of kinship caregivers are often not considered and the voices of these unsung heroes are rarely heard. This webinar featured multiple kinship caregivers sharing their experiences and stories, as well as their ideas for how our child welfare system could be improved.
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April 2016
Permanency Options for Our Older Youth

The primary goal of our child welfare system is to reunify children with their families or, if that’s not possible, to connect children to permanent and loving families through adoption or guardianship. Recent reforms have focused on how to enhance permanency outcomes for older foster and probation youth, even into adulthood. This webinar detailed these reforms and best practices that promote permanency for older youth in the foster care and probation systems.
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March 2016
High-Quality Child Care for Foster Children

Child care, if it can be accessed, enables a larger pool of families to to provide safe and loving homes for children in foster care. In this webinar, participants gained an understanding of the intersection of our child welfare and child care systems, barriers to accessing high-quality child care for foster children, and policy solutions to address those barriers.
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February 2016
Focus on 2016 Policy Reforms

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January 2016
Kinship Diversion

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December 2015
Probation Youth and Kinship Care

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November 2015
Continuum of Care Reform and What it Means for Kinship Families

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October 2015
Recruiting, Retaining and Supporting Kinship Caregivers

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September 2015
Understanding the Plight of Kinship Caregivers

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