Caregiver Day at the Capitol 2020

This year’s Caregiver Day at the Capitol, in partnership with California Alliance of Caregivers, was yet another incredible day of networking and advocacy with 80+ caregivers, providers, and advocates from across the state. Their voices carried our message throughout the Capitol and to our leaders within the administration.

It was such a privilege to have so many individuals who understand the true impact of these legislative changes stand up in support of these bills. The issues that our caregivers advocated for will be heard in committee in the coming weeks.


Current Legislative & Policy Priorities

Children are removed from their homes in a moment of crisis. The goal of the child welfare system is to connect them immediately to a loving and stable family placement. To make that connection, families need immediate and ongoing access to critical supports and services, including those that address the consequences of trauma and abuse. That is why this year, the Alliance is focused on a package of reforms to ensure placement and school stability for young people in foster care. Specifically, these reforms aim to: