Alliance of Moms

Founded in 2014, Alliance of Moms is a membership-based program of the Alliance for Children’s Rights that supports pregnant and parenting teens in LA County’s foster care system.

58% of L.A.’s female foster youth have experienced at least one pregnancy by 19. Their babies are 66% more likely to become teen parents themselves. Therefore, Alliance of Moms’ mission is to help break the intergenerational cycle of babies born to teens in foster care. They offer educational programs to young moms in the foster care system with a focus on practical tools that empower them to become informed parents who can give their babies a healthier childhood than their own.

AOM knows there are a lot of Angelenos out there with a lot to give, and hope you’ll join the movement to help vulnerable children in Los Angeles while having fun as part of a community of moms. To learn more about AOM at an upcoming “Cocktails & Conversation” evening or to join the movement visit


Raising Baby

Raising Baby is Alliance of Moms’ flagship program. It’s a fun day of interactive, educational parenting workshops that focuses on early brain development.

The day is attended by over 50 young moms who are currently in or have recently aged out of the foster care system. They range in age from 14-23 years old. They come to Raising Baby because they want to educate themselves in order to become the kind of parents they never had themselves.

Research shows that 80% of a person’s brain is developed by the age of three and that children from lower income families will have heard 30 million fewer words by this age than three year olds from higher income families. This disparity puts lower income kids at an unfair disadvantage in terms of their developmental foundations and will have a lasting impact on their lives. To help overturn statistics like these, Alliance of Moms brings in experts who break down the latest science on brain development. They present it in a way that is interactive and accessible so that their young moms leave feeling confident, armed with tips and tools to help build their babies’ brains.

In order to make Raising Baby happen, over 100 Alliance of Moms members are needed to volunteer. They drive young moms and their children to the event, organize food, welcome guests, provide childcare, or serve as a “Helper” who stays with the same young mom all day to assist her in any way. As well as facilitating the day, AOM members also provide a supportive, loving community to their young moms who are often parenting alone.

One of the most inspiring things about the day is seeing the young moms find support from each other. In workshops, they are able to share their challenges with one another as they learn that they are not alone in their fears, concerns and struggles. This validation and reassurance is something all parents need.

Raising Foodies

Raising Foodies is a healthy cooking class series for young moms in foster care living at St. Anne’s residential facility in East Los Angeles.

At each class, a top LA chef demonstrates an affordable, seasonal family meal that is then enjoyed by our young moms and Alliance of Moms member volunteers. The cooking class turns into a community dinner as moms discuss healthy food, meal time routines, and motherhood. During the meal, other member volunteers provide childcare for the moms’ children. Afterward, the girls take home nutritional tips, recipes and, on special occasions, brand new cooking utensils to help them grow their own kitchen resources.


You can visit here for more information about how to join Alliance of Moms.

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