Cy Pres

We welcome the opportunity to be considered for cy pres awards.

The Alliance automatically qualifies for residual awards in California State Court Class Actions under California Code of Civil Procedure section 384(b).

We also do work consistent with the underlying objectives of many class action suits.

Consumer Rights

Teaching vulnerable young consumers about:

  • For profit schools, student loans and misleading “scholarship” opportunities
  • Debt collection
  • Deceptive advertising
  • Email, phone and text message phishing
  • “Work at home” or “business opportunity” scams
  • Loan, credit and banking, including direct deposit and pay day cash scams
  • Apartment leases
  • Automobile leases, repairs, purchases and financing

Education and Employment

The Alliance leads a cross-sector, multi-agency effort to improve education and employment outcomes for youth who are transitioning out of foster care and into the adult world. We connect youth with job opportunities, vocational training and education resources. We also support and educate youth regarding high school and postsecondary education, workforce readiness and gainful employment.


We also help youth secure access to health care coverage and obtain medical, dental and mental health care.

Geographic Reach

While our clients primarily reside in Los Angeles County, our education materials, website and informational app reach youth throughout the United States.

Please consider the Alliance when making recommendations for cy pres awards and help improve outcomes for vulnerable young people.

Cy Pres Contact: Lara Holtzman, Esq. 213.368.6010.