There are many ways to give to the Alliance and to support the thousands of impoverished and abused children that need our advocacy. Help us build a community where all children have safe, stable homes and access to the services they need to thrive. For year-end giving instructions, please see these special instructions.

$5,000 Year-long advocacy for children in foster care
$2,500 Education support for a special needs child
$1,000 Adoption of one child from foster care
$500 Healthcare assistance for one child
$250 Support for one youth aging out of foster care
$100 Guardianship assistance for one family
$50 Skills workshop for one foster youth

Become a partner in one of these life-changing programs with a commitment of $150,000 per program.

The Alliance expedites and finalizes one-third of all Los Angeles County foster care adoptions, utilizing hundreds of pro bono attorneys to create “forever families.” We represent families during the finalization process to ensure that each child has the right benefits and services in place in order to help create a safe and permanent home. Make a Donation
Many foster children have serious medical, dental and mental health needs, but lack adequate health care coverage and consistent doctors. The Alliance assists children and caregivers with finding medical and mental health providers, ensuring continuous Medi-CAL coverage and challenging denials of necessary treatment. In addition, we do extensive training for medical providers. Make a Donation
Throughout Los Angeles, more than 300,000 children live with a relative or friend because their parents are unable or unwilling to care for them. Legal Guardianship gives legal authority to individuals caring for children who are not their own. Make a Donation
Children who have been abused or neglected by their parents have a tremendous need for a stable home. Caregivers who step up to provide for these children can become overwhelmed, putting that essential stability at risk. The Alliance obtains appropriate funding and services so these children and their caregivers can access critical support like school supplies, counseling, specialized medical equipment and respite care. Securing these resources can often mean the difference between permanent, secure homes and struggling, unstable ones. Make a Donation
It is estimated that nearly one half of foster children have learning disabilities or developmental delays. This program is aimed at leveling the playing field for children who are learning impaired. Access to developmental, educational and mental health services from birth through high school graduation helps foster children learn and succeed in school. Nowhere are the injustices and challenges for impoverished children more evident than in their ability to receive an education. Make a Donation
Every year, approximately 1,500 youth “age out” of the foster care system in Los Angeles without adequate support or preparation. The Alliance assists youth transitioning from foster care to overcome barriers to housing, education, employment and healthcare. Our Transitioning Youth Program is a lifeline that helps guide youth through the difficult transition from foster care to independence by educating them about their legal rights, providing a mentorship program and empowering them to become self-advocates. Make a Donation
Provides children with a voice for system-wide change by recognizing trends and identifying large-scale issues to support policies to improve the lives of children. Make a Donation

Other Named Gift Opportunities

In appreciation of your generosity for any of the below naming opportunities, a special plaque will be prominently displayed in the designated area of commitment for one year. For more information about any named gift opportunities, please contact Denise Binder:, or (213) 368-6010.

Establish a Fellowship in your name to support a young attorney working on a current or new program that provides direct advocacy or policy reform for impoverished, abused and neglected children.
Support our work by naming an Alliance conference room or training center.
Create a welcoming waiting area for children to play or read while their caregiver is meeting with one of our staff.
Provide a lovely, peaceful space for pro bono attorneys, clients and children to enter the Alliance.
Endow the Legal Director position. The Legal Director oversees a staff of lawyers, social workers and advocates, supplemented by hundreds of pro bono attorneys, paralegals and volunteers. This position is the heart of our programs. A commitment of $1,000,000 makes this endowment possible.
Honor or remember a special person or celebrate a special occasion while making the life of a child safer, healthier and happier. The recipient will receive a special note announcing your gift in their name. Make a Donation
Include the Alliance as a beneficiary in your will or life insurance policy or consider other planned gifts from your estate, including stocks, bonds, securities, real estate, royalties and copyrights. Learn more
Help the Alliance off-set expenses by donating valuable services, including:

  • Printing services
  • Event photography
  • Office furniture and equipment

Register with Ralphs Community Rewards program so you can shop all of Ralphs’ great products while donating to the Alliance. Sign up at and a percentage of eligible purchases will go to the Alliance. It adds up! Be sure to always shop at Ralphs after registering.

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Ralphs Online Registration

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Friends of the Alliance is an auxiliary membership group of individuals who are committed to raising funds for and awareness of Alliance programs and events. Friends of the Alliance members make a commitment to donate or raise a minimum of $250 annually.
You can host a private event of your choosing to benefit the Alliance, or we encourage to support one of our existing events. For more information about hosting or sponsoring an event, please contact Denise Binder:, or (213) 368-6010.
The generous support of private foundations has enabled the Alliance to build and grow critical programs for vulnerable children in Los Angeles. Whether designated for general operating support or a specific program, these grants enhance the lives of children and youth every day. For more information about foundation partnership opportunities, please contact Franci Levine-Grater:, or (213) 368-6010.
Become an Alliance corporate sponsor and support Los Angeles’ most vulnerable children and youth – it’s good business and strengthens our community. The Alliance develops customized sponsorship initiatives for your business. There are many ways you can support our cause while benefiting your company. Here are a few reasons to partner:

  • Partner with Charity Navigator’s highest 4-star rated organization
  • Gain valuable exposure within the entertainment and legal communities
  • Boost consumer support as clients are more likely to purchase products from companies that support the causes they care about
  • Provide volunteer opportunities for employee team building
  • Partnership benefits may include:
  • Use of our logo
  • Recognition as an Alliance Corporate Partner
  • Exposure through bi-annual newsletters, monthly e-newsletters and website
  • Exposure at annual events
  • Access to VIP Alliance supporter events

For more information about corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact Denise Binder:, or (213) 368-6010.