Know Before You Go

Did you know that in California, foster care benefits don’t end at 18? When you turn 18, you have new options for supportive housing, financial assistance, and more, up to the age of 21. Find out more below.

The KnowB4UGo YouTube series and the accompanying website were created by foster youth, for foster youth, with real advice from young adults who have been there about getting a job, cooking your own food, budgeting, and more. It also lists helpful resources related to education, housing, legal services, birth control, parenting, and more.

Get That Job and Keep It Toolkit

GTJAKI_thumbnail_600x778The Get That Job and Keep It Toolkit is meant to assist youth and their job coaches in the journey toward finding and maintaining a job. You’ll find helpful explanations, worksheets and links throughout the guide. This guide is best used in conjunction with a Google account and a supportive adult mentor that can serve as a Job Coach.

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B4UGo App

The B4UGo app helps youth stay tuned into the people, places and services that can provide support as they build your life outside of foster care. It provides a lifeline of resources, tools, supports and advocates across Los Angles county. B4UGo is easy to use and location-based.
B4UGo Key Features

  • GPS mapping of services near you, including transitional housing, shelters, food banks, schools, jobs and more.
  • Links to helpful resources and organizations that offer programs for transition-age foster youth in L.A. County.
  • Optional sign-up for alerts and notifications when a new program opens up, special offers for foster youth.
  • WiFi capable, so you can use it at a WiFi hotspot even if your data/voice plan is not on.

The app was created by the Alliance for Children’s Rights and the Children’s Law Center of California.