Latham & Watkins Secures Education Support for Family

Caroline Ryon is an associate in the Entertainment, Sports and Media group at Latham & Watkins, and she comes from a family of teachers, so representing the educational needs of three adopted siblings was a unique opportunity to draw on her legal training and her passion for education.

As one of our pro bono volunteers, Caroline worked with the Jimenez family, including young Louis, who is entering fifth grade. “He’s a lovely kid who works hard in school and has autism, which brings with it a host of challenges that need to be addressed in his education plan,” Caroline explains. Louis’s school significantly delayed completing assessments required by law, impeding the provision of individualized services. First, Caroline tried escalating the request for assessment. Next, she filed a compliance complaint with the school district. Eventually, Caroline was able to obtain for Louis a significant number of hours of individualized compensatory instruction to make up for the lag in services. She also worked with Louis’s teachers and counselors to encourage Louis to engage in self-soothing techniques when stressed in the classroom.

“This has been one of the most rewarding legal matters I’ve worked on,” she says. This past year alone, Latham & Watkins has handled more than 50 cases for the Alliance, donating nearly five thousand billable hours. Our heartfelt thanks to Caroline and all of the pro bono attorneys who champion our clients! For information about pro bono volunteer opportunities, contact

*Client names have been changed to protect privacy.