PRO BONO SPOTLIGHT: McDermott, Will & Emery LLP Advocates for Infants Needs

“She (Terese) was encouraging and so capable and skilled at her job. She was just wonderful to work with and I appreciate her more then she could ever know.”
– Dawn Parker

Thomas was born with cerebral palsy and other serious disabilities requiring extensive and ongoing medical attention. Unfortunately, Thomas’ mother had a history of severe mental illness and, although she loved Thomas, she was not equipped to care for him. She requested that Dawn Parker, a longtime family friend, step in. When Dawn learned that she needed legal guardianship to care for Thomas and consent to his medical care and treatment, she contacted the Alliance. Terese Mosher Beluris, Partner at McDermott, Will & Emery LLP and Alliance pro bono, offered to help Dawn through the court process.

On the day of the guardianship hearing, Thomas’ mother unexpectedly showed up to court. Terese showed great sensitivity to the mother while successfully convincing the judge that Dawn must become Thomas’ legal guardian in order for him to thrive.

Now two, Thomas is getting the care he needs and, according to Dawn, he is doing great!