The Alliance fights to provide stability for children in foster care and those at risk of entering foster care by helping them obtain healthcare, educational services and financial support. For those who cannot return to their biological parents, the Alliance provides permanency through adoption and legal guardianship. For young adults who “age out” of foster care without a stable connection to a supportive adult, our programs and advocacy services specifically for young adults guide them in their journey to self-sufficiency.

Alliance programs include:

The Alliance gives children in foster care permanence by facilitating foster care adoptions through pro bono attorneys who help us complete nearly one third of all foster care adoptions in Los Angeles every year. Read More
Nearly half of children in foster care have learning disabilities and/or developmental delays. To level the playing field for these kids, the Alliance works directly with schools and agencies to ensure children receive services so that they can catch up to their peers. Read More
More than 300,000 children in Los Angeles live with someone other than their parents. The Alliance helps caregivers establish legal guardianship so they can enroll the child in school, get their medical needs met and obtain financial assistance. Read More
The Alliance helps children and families overcome hurdles to securing healthcare, including Medi-CAL eligibility, treatment denials and mental health services. Read More
Children who have been abused and neglected have a tremendous need for a stable home. By helping caregivers secure public funding, they are better equipped to open their homes and hearts to these children. Read More
The Alliance is a lifeline to guide youth through the difficult transition from foster care to independence by educating them about their legal rights and empowering them with skill-building workshops and access to resources. We also serve homeless and pregnant and parenting teens. Read More
By identifying trends and pervasive issues negatively impacting foster youth, the Alliance works to implement system-wide change through public policy reform.  Our greatest legislative victory for foster youth was the 2012 passage of the California Fostering Connections to Success Act (AB12), which extended foster care to age 21. Read More