The Saltz Family Early Intervention Advocacy Center

Maria was almost three years old and barely able to walk or talk when we first met her. She had emotional issues that prevented her from being held or even fed by anyone other than her adopted father.

After continued denials and a lack of appropriate therapies, Alliance attorneys were able to double the services that Maria was offered. Having quality speech, occupational and physical therapies sped up Maria’s development, so that she was ready to attend preschool this year and participate in everyday childhood activities.

Developmental Milestones

How do you know if your child is developing appropriately or is experiencing developmental delays?

Children experience tremendous change and growth in their first few years of life and each child develops at their own pace. Milestones are skills that children typically learn by a certain age such as sitting up by six months or talking by age two. Developmental milestones should be reviewed every few months for your child.

Alliance Caregiver Developmental Milestones Tool: Watch My Baby Grow
Centers for Disease Control Developmental Milestones
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