Extended Foster Care

All foster youth and some probation youth in California have the option to remain in care until they are 21 years old, according to a law called AB12. Find out more at KnowB4UGo.org.

In order to qualify for extended foster care, you must meet one of the following participation requirements:

  1. Go to high school or enroll in a GED program
  2. Enroll part time in a college or trade school
  3. Work at least 80 hours a month
  4. Participate in a program that helps you find a job
  5. Have a medical condition that would make it impossible to meet one of the first four

Talk to your social worker of attorney if you are struggling to meet one of these participation requirements. They are supposed to help you with your education and employment goals.

If you had your case closed when you turned 18 but are struggling to make it on your own, you may be able to reenter foster care. To get started, call one of the following numbers to learn more about the process:

  • Foster Care: 800-540-4000
  • Probation: 213-351-0243
If you decide to stay in foster care, your housing situation does not have to change after you turn 18. Tell your social worker or attorney if you would like to remain where you are currently living.

If you would like to move to a new home, discuss this with your social worker or attorney to learn more. Your options include: a foster home, the home of a family member or family friend, a college dorm, or your own apartment.

If you are in a guardianship or were adopted after the age of 16, you may also be eligible for Extended Foster Care funding until you turn 21. Youth in the following permanent plans are eligible for the funding extension even if their case is closed:

  • Legal guardianship with a non-relative that was created at any time.
  • Legal guardianship with a relative that was created at any time and where the caregiver receives CalWorks or State foster care (not Kin-Gap)
  • Legal guardianship with a relative who receives Kin-Gap funding provided the guardianship was created after the youth’s 16th birthday.
  • Adopted from foster care after their 16th birthday.
If you have ANY questions about Extended Foster Care, your housing options, the participation requirements or the reentry process, contact the Alliance and we can help you.