Can different steps in the Resource Family Approval process be completed at the same time or do they need to be completed in a particular order?

An applicant must submit a completed Resource Family Application before anything else happens. If a child has already been placed on an emergency basis, prior to approval, it’s particularly important for the caregiver to submit the RFA Application within five days of the child being placed.

Beyond that, there is no general requirement that the remaining components of RFA be completed in any particular sequence. However, individual counties are permitted to develop their own process for completing RFA. That means that the county processing your approval may require you to complete the RFA process in a particular order or sequence.

In order to ensure applicants are approved quickly, it is likely necessary to pursue different components of RFA concurrently. For example, a county should not require an applicant to complete all of the required pre-approval training hours before beginning the family evaluation (psychosocial assessment), as that will simply delay the time for completing the approval process.

Applicants are encouraged to check in regularly with their social worker to see where they are in the approval process and see if the social worker needs anything further to move the process forward. The Resource Family Approval Guide includes suggested questions to ask your social worker on page 13.

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