If a caregiver was approved as a resource family in one county but has since moved to another county, what does the caregiver need to do to make sure they are still approved as a resource family in the new county?

The caregiver should notify their worker right away. Resource families are required to notify their counties “within 30 calendar days prior to moving home locations or as soon as the information is available.” Once the caregiver notifies the county worker, the county must update the approval within 30 days with the caregiver’s new location information. The county that originally approved the caregiver as a resource family will coordinate the update after the caregiver moves, unless there is an alternative agreement between the two counties as outlined in the Out-of-County Approval Protocol.

An update may require verifying all the information in a caregiver’s original resource family approval application, a health and safety inspection of the new home, new background checks for any new adults in the home, revising parts of the family evaluation (formerly referred to as the “psychosocial assessment”) to incorporate new information, or interviewing people living in the home. A caregiver’s approval status remains in full force and effect while the county conducts any required steps in the update.

If the county updates the approval, the caregiver should not have to complete another update until the following year.

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