Does a caregiver who has been granted guardianship of a child have to convert and be approved as a Resource Family?

Not necessarily.

Legal guardians DO need to go through a conversion process under the new Resource Family Approval process under certain circumstances. The conversion process entails a shortened process, where an existing caregiver must complete the family evaluation (formerly referred to as the “psychosocial assessment”), but they do not have to complete other components of RFA such as the pre-approval training hours. Conversion must happen by December 31, 2019.

A legal guardian must convert:

  • if the foster care case remains open after the guardianship is established, and the case is not closed by December 31, 2019; OR
  • the child has an open dependency case and the guardian wishes to accept placement of other children in their home; OR
  • prior to adopting the child over whom guardianship was approved, unless there was already a completed adoption home study.

A legal guardian does not need to convert if:

  • the guardianship is finalized and the dependency (foster care case) has already been closed, as long as there are no other children in foster care in the same home; OR
  • the guardianship is finalized and the dependency (foster care) case is current open, as long as the dependency care case is closed before December 31, 2019; OR
  • the guardian already completed an adoption home study.

All County Letter 17-16

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