A caregiver’s home was approved under now-defunct relative caregiver rules and her granddaughter was placed with her last year, before the new RFA standards kicked in. She did not complete an adoption home study. Recently, her grandson was detained into foster care and she would like to care for him. Is she required to complete the entire Resource Family Approval (RFA) process to have her grandson live with her and to receive foster care funding?

No. The grandmother will have to “convert” from her current status as a previously approved relative to an approved resource family. This conversion process does not require the grandmother to complete all of the steps for Resource Family Approval. Instead, because she had a child in foster care (her granddaughter) living in her home during 2017, all she needs to do is to complete the family evaluation (formerly referred to as “psychosocial assessment”) under the new RFA standards. In the meantime, while she works with the county to complete the family evaluation, it is important to note that her grandson can (and should) be placed with her through the emergency placement procedures or based on a compelling reason even before she has fully converted.

Cal. Welfare & Institutions § 16519.5CDSS All County Letter 17-16

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