Counties issue caregivers a Resource Family Approval Certificate once they are approved as a resource family. This certificate includes the family’s full name and address. It also includes the date of approval and whether there are any conditions placed on the approval. Does it include anything else?

Yes, the certificate includes the number of children the resource family is willing and able to care for. It is important to note that the capacity does not necessarily equate to the number of children currently in the family’s home. For example, a family could have two children in their home prior to being approved, but they might have room in their home and be willing to care for five children total. The certificate should, therefore, say the capacity is five. It is important for the certificate to reflect accurately the capacity so that there are not delays in funding if additional children are later placed in the caregiver’s home.

CITATIONS: RFA Written Directives, Section 6-08.

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