Existing group homes are converting to Short Term Residential Therapeutic Programs (STRTPs), California’s new residential care model. Will STRTPs serve the same population of youth as group homes?

 No. STRTPs, unlike group homes, are limited to serving youth who have high-level mental health needs that cannot be met in a family setting. Although group homes were never intended to be long-term placements, in fact, children and young adults in foster care often experienced extended stays due to lack of other placement options. CCR places increased emphasis on moving young people into family settings whenever possible. STRTPs will focus on stabilizing high-needs youth to allow an expedient and successful transition to a family setting. STRTPs must meet higher licensing standards than group homes did in the past, and staff must complete enhanced training.

Youth must be assessed to determine whether a STRTP placement is appropriate. That assessment can be done in one of three ways: (1) an Interagency Placement Committee, with the recommendation of the child and family team; (2) a licensed mental health professional; (3) the youth’s IEP recommends a STRTP placement due to serious emotional disturbance.

Welfare &Institutions Code § 11462.01 .

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