My husband and I are deciding whether to become a Resource Family. What is the first step in the Resource Family Approval (RFA) process?

As a first step, you and your husband would submit a completed Resource Family Application, also known as the RFA-01(A) form, to your county’s child welfare agency.  The RFA assessment process will not begin until a full application is submitted so it is important to complete it as soon as possible.  If you already have a child placed in your home, you must submit a completed RFA-01(A) form within 5 business days of the child being placed in the home.

The 4-page form asks for identifying information about you, your husband, and others living in the home.  It also asks applicants to disclose information that one may feel apprehensive to share, including an applicant’s marital history.  It is important to answer the questions as honestly and completely as possible—and discuss any concerns you have with the social worker.  It is also possible that you may not have exact information for every field.  If that is the case, give your most complete answer and note if the information is not exact.

You should check in with your social worker regularly after submitting the 4-page form to see where the agency is in the approval process and whether they need anything further from you to move forward.

Welfare & Inst. Code § 16519.5Cal. Department of Social Services Resource Family Approval Written Directives § 5-03 (effective February 6, 2017)Resource Family Approval Guide (p. 12).

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