What is Intensive Services Foster Care (ISFC)?

The ISFC program was created to provide supports to children and youth who require intensive treatment, including treatment for behavioral and specialized health care needs. Specifically, the ISFC program is intended to stabilize young people in foster care with the services they need in family settings and reduce placement in congregate care and residential programs.

Foster Family Agencies (FFAs) and county agencies can deliver ISFC services if they meet program responsibilities delineated in All County Letter 18-25. Specifically, agencies must:

  • identify strategies to recruit and train caregivers to receive ISFC services,
  • provide thoughtful placement matching between ISFC-eligible youth and caregivers, and
  • ensure that social workers with master’s degrees coordinate care for the ISFC program.

CITATIONS: Welf. and Inst. Code sections 1836018360.0618360.10All County Letter (ACL) No. 18-25.

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