About Us

Our vision is a world in which all children have safe, permanent families with the support they need to thrive.

The Alliance for Children’s Rights protects the rights of impoverished, abused and neglected children and youth. By providing free legal services and advocacy, the Alliance ensures children have safe, stable homes, healthcare, and the education they need to thrive.

Since 1992, we have served 125,000 children.  Our efforts are focused in three main areas:

  • Free legal services and advocacy for children in poverty and in foster care
  • Training and education for those who work with or care for these children
  • System-wide reform to change policies to improve children’s lives

We cut through the bureaucracy of the courts, healthcare system, school districts and government agencies to secure a brighter future for children in need. Our staff and extensive network of pro bono attorneys advocate directly for individual children, and work toward broader policy reform to:

  • expedite adoptions.
  • secure medical coverage and therapies for children.
  • obtain services for children with learning delays and behavioral issues.
  • assist youth aging out of foster care to become productive and self-reliant.
The Alliance has adopted an overall strategic plan focused on “the bookends” The bookends are foster children 0 to 5 years old and youth 14 years old and above that will be aging out of foster care. A third area of focus is on children being raised by relative caregivers. By focusing on these three areas, the Alliance’s program, strategies and initiatives will cascade across the continuum for children and youth regardless of age.
Engage in collaborations, strategic alliances and formalized partnerships with other organizations that can add distinct value to the programs, policy positions and fundraising efforts of the Alliance, while maintaining its independence.
Utilize proven direct advocacy and training methods from our existing core programs to enhance the reach and impact to children within our three focus areas:

  • Children 0 to 5 years old
  • Youth 14 years old and above that will be aging out of foster care
  • Children being raised by relative caregivers
Influence, inform and advocate for local, state and federal policies that eliminate the injustices to children created by poverty and abuse.
Establish best practice volunteer services that attract, retain and develop a self-perpetuating corps of volunteers across a variety of disciplines and settings.
Position the Alliance as the visible expert in our field, known for high-impact programs and as a well-run organization.
Continue to reinforce the Board of Directors by recruiting and retaining prominent members of the community who are inspired by and committed to the mission, and who will devote the time, energy and philanthropic resources needed to make the vision a reality.
Identify new and develop existing sources of funds to increase revenues and grow the endowment, in concert with Board leadership and philanthropy that continues to inspire and strengthen the organization.
Recruit and retain a highly qualified, compassionate, dynamic and well-trained staff and invest in the organization’s infrastructure to support the staff and operations.



With every child and youth reached, the objective is to identify and address their needs in a holistic way, providing all the opportunities and advantages available to them.

The Alliance evaluates each program based upon these key criteria:
The number of children assisted in obtaining the necessary and appropriate benefits and services.
The quality of benefits and services obtained for children.
The number of pro bono attorneys who accept and complete cases.
Our ability to educate caregivers, youth, court personnel, social workers and medical/mental health care providers to self-advocate and obtain the correct services and benefits for the children in their care.
The Alliance maintains monthly profiles, statistics and service figures on all children it assists. Collected data includes gender, ethnicity and geographical region, as well as the legal issues presented. If a case is placed with a volunteer attorney, an Alliance attorney monitors the case’s progress. Through weekly case reviews and monthly reports, we maintain close contact with each case.
The Alliance achieved the following successes during the most recent fiscal year:

    • Nearly 500 adoptions were finalized for children of all ages, some of whom waited years to have a permanent family. Since the inception of the Adoption Program in 1998, nearly 14,000 children’s adoptions have been finalized.
    • 508 children were stabilized in families with benefits and legal guardianship.
    • 250 children ages 0-5 received increased access to early child care and development services.
    • More than 500 children received education advocacy as they do through the Alliance each year. Since 2005 over 7000 school-age children have received educational services to overcome trauma, instability, disability and developmental delays.
    • 75% of clients in our education program are on track for high school graduation.
    • 1,357 families received benefits and health services to support the foster children in their care. Since 2003, 19,500 children have been stabilized and more than $29 million in benefits obtained to support their special needs.
    • 112 child victims of sex trafficking received advocacy and services.
    • Barriers to healthcare, housing, employment and education for 341 transition-age foster youth were eliminated.
    • 528 transition-age youth received workforce training and employment.
    • More than 5,000 transition-age foster youth across the state utilized the Know Before You Go toolkit and the B4UGo mobile app to assist them in the transition to independence.

For more about the Alliance and our impact, see recent press and publications.

The Alliance’s federal tax ID is 954358213.

Alliance 2015-16 990 and Audited Financials