Bill Seeks to Minimize Delays in Therapies for Disabled Children

The Alliance continues to work to pass legislation that will minimize delays in critical therapies for foster youth with disabilities. Assembly Bill 1089 (Calderon) – Improving the Regional Center Transfer Process for Foster Youth bill seeks to ensure that foster children do not lose vital regional center services when they move from one home to another, by instituting a clear process for the transfer of cases.

Last year, after sailing through the Assembly, the bill stalled in the Senate due to opposition from the SEIU, the union that represents regional center employees, and the Association of Regional Center Agencies and became a 2-year bill. The Alliance and our partner Public Counsel have used the additional time to meet with the opposition, the Department of Developmental Services, members of the legislature, and other stakeholders. As a result of these conversations, AB 1089 has been re-tooled and is a strong and practical piece of legislation that will ensure that foster children receive consistent, quality developmental services, even when they move.

Work over the past year has also paid off with the SEIU, as they are now full supporters of the bill. Although the Association of Regional Center Agencies continues to oppose the bill, we have fewer areas of disagreement than we had a year ago. Despite this continued opposition, AB 1089 was passed by the Senate Human Services Committee on June 10 and will be heard next by the Appropriations Committee.

We are grateful to our many partners in the community who continue to provide strong support for this legislation, and hope for your continued help. If you would like to support our efforts for this advocacy, please contact Molly Dunn at